7 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Play this Summer!

  1. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch that going on in your back yard? Where do you suppose that was? Canada?

    Yes, I did have fun with my friend Betty over the weekend!

  2. It looked like it was perhaps from Maine, although it was forwarded to me by Sarah E…so maybe it was Alaska!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments on the blog. You are so sweet. I suppose Jo is a lot like your Kathy–Jane Austen lives! That’s exactly it. How do you pry those kids away from the books when you want them to do something???

  4. By nature, there are things that we all love to do so much that we tend to use them as escapes and fail to be “moderate” at all times. I guess on both counts, both in setting a good example and in helping our children learn self-discipline, the real key is in walking in the Spirit and waiting on the Lord rather than allowing ourselves to mindlessly do whatever whenever! I tended to let the kids do whatever they wanted in their “free time” but tried to keep a reasonable amount of school and helping-around-the-house assignments so that they didn’t have too much free time. In fact, they probably did have too much free time, and most of them missued it to some extent, although as adults many of them are very disciplined and hard working.

  5. Our summer has been very busy and full of travel. I’m hoping August will give us a few chances for playing like moose in a sprinkler. 😉 Although, knowing us, it’ll probably be just as busy. I think we may be physically unable to slow down. It just isn’t in our personalities!

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