Home, Sweet Home!


We’re back after the most wonderful two-week vacation. The washing machine is humming and there are still sleeping bags and camping gear airing out all over the house, but the kitchen is back in shape and the suitcases are all unpacked, so I’m ready to “tackle” fun stuff like sharing with you! Here are a few of the highlights:

Our home away from home: Fort Wilderness Campground!

Here are Michael and Grace with Eowyn on our big day at Daytona Beach. The waves were incredible!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a safari ride that makes you feel like you’re really in Africa! We also went to Epcot one day, and another day we spent flying around Typhoon Lagoon, a water park that felt grand in the 90° sunshine. The weather was fabulous the whole time, and we had a “10” vacation, although we pretty much agreed that our favorite times were just being together: cooking out, swimming, strolling, tennis, talking, or whatever! On Mother’s Day, my sister Lynn joined us, and we got to visit her really lovely new home!

From Florida we made our way up the coast to visit Alan (and my) cousin Joan. Here we are on her front porch. From left to right and back to front: Stephen, me, Alan, and Joan, and on the swing: Kathy, Daniel, and Joel. Joel’s best friend, Stephen Cooper, also came, but he graciously took this picture for us!

While there, we visited the Magnolia Plantation with all it’s marvelous 500 acres of botanical gardens, swamps, and plantation facilities, and then we spent the evening on a walking tour of historic downtown Charleston. Truly, it’s an absolutely charming city.

From Charleston, we raced up the coast to Philly in time to enjoy both Grace’s graduation from Villanova with an M.A. in theater, and Michael’s graduation from dental school at U. Penn.

As it turned out, both Michael and Grace graduated summa cum laude! Congratulations, kids! Eowyn was very proud of her parents, as you can see.

Minutes after graduating, Michael was sworn into the army as a captain. In order to go to an ivy league school in Philly (Grace’s home town, so she could be close to her family while he was in school), Michael took an army scholarship. They paid his way through four years of school, and now he will serve in the U.S. army as a dentist for four years. They have orders to report for duty on June 15th in Katterbach, Germany.

Grace’s Uncle Bud and Aunt Mable threw a big party for all the relatives. I’m sorry to have missed taking a good picture of that party, but Grace is the youngest of seven, and Michael is one of seven also, so there were oodles of aunts, uncles, cousins, and kids, a “wild” (fun…burgers with all the trimmings, desserts and appetizers galore… volleyball, games like Apples to Apples, and great rejoicing) and wonderful party! Here are most of Michael’s sibs (minus Jonathan, who’s teaching at Oxford and couldn’t get away). Big brother Aaron holding his elder son, Reuben, is on the extreme right.

And, here are the girls! Grace, Carleen (Aaron’s wife) holding Baby Gideon, and Kathy holding Baby Eowyn.

From there, we zipped home, pulling another all-nighter. We are delighted to be home. Thank you, Lord! It was an amazing trip. Such a blessed time and so much fun! Whenever the Lord brings us to your mind, please pray for us, and especially right now for Michael and Grace as they prepare to leave for Germany.

Blessings to you!


3 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home!

  1. So nice to see everyone in full color!! What a beautiful family! Congratulations Michael! I’m so glad he has such nice teeth–for being a dentist and all. Germany is a GREAT assignment. They will have a blast. Hope they can stay the full 4 years! (Decent pay also!)

  2. I’m so glad you had a wonderful vacation! It sounds like it may not have been restful for the body, but I’ll bet it was very restorative for the mind and the heart.

    My name is Cheryl. In addition to attending church with Alan and Kathi, we are in a small group together that meets on Wednesday nights. However, the Armstrongs have been absent for the past 3 Wednesdays, and we miss them!

  3. Welcome home! Your trip looks like it was marvelous! You’re simply swimming in beautiful grandchildren. What fun! And, of course, congrats to the grads!

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